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Boy Scout Troop 914
(Dallas, Texas)
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Donate Now!

Donate Now!

BSA914 l Dallas, TX 


Support your scouts and help send them to camp!  It could positively change a Scout’s life. 

Thank you in advance for all you are doing, have done and continue to do!

 Mail Donations to: 

BSA Troop 914

P.O. Box 181855

Dallas, Texas 75218

Receipt Request

To request a tax related receipt, please contact us. 

Scouting is NOT Free

Scouting is not free.  The fun and lessons learned are priceless!  Scouting is a game with a purpose.  Many people to value the things he or she works to achieve.  Money and work are related and both have great value.  Here is quick breakdown on our Scout Costs.  We pay Registration Fees, Insurance fees, Camp fees,Event fees, Equipment fees, Tools fees, Transportation fees, food and grocery fees, and other fees.

During our Annual Re-Charter, we pay Youth fees: $33 per Youth, Adult fees:  $33 per Adult and Boy Life:$12 per person.  For Summer Camp, we pay cost per Scout $275 for youth and $165 per adult.  For Winter Camp, we pay cost per Scout $40 for youth and $40 per adult.  And recall the other fees.  Scouting is not free, but we can work and serve to earn it.  

Help I  Donate  I  Sponsor I  Contribute

Our youth needs your help!  I have the honor of working with our Scouts.  The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the scout oath and law.


Help  I  Donate  I  Sponsor I  Contribute

Help,donate, sponsor or contribute, but please help.


Why Help Boy Scouts of America Troop 914?

Troop Celebrates New Eagle Scouts and Eagle Scout Palm Awardees

In 2013, our Troop celebrated three new Eagle Scouts and ten Eagle Scout Palm Awardees.


WHY?  You have the opportunity to make a real positive difference!

I am 88% less likely to dropout of high school. I am twice as likely to be a supervisor and leader. I am four times more likely to be an FBI agent. I am three times more likely to bean astronaut.  I am twice as likely to graduate as an officer from one four four military academies.

Who am I?           I AM SCOUT!




For every 100 boys who join Scouting:

4          will become Eagle Scouts

17        will become future Scout Volunteers

12        will have their first contact with a church

1          will enter the Clergy

5          will earn their Church Award

18        will develop a lifelong hobby

8          will enter a vocation learned through the Merit Badge program

1          will use Scouting skills to save his own life

1          will use Scouting skills to save the life of another person 




Honor. Best.Duty.  Leadership.

Trustworthy. Loyal. Helpful. Friendly. Courteous. Kind.Obedient. Cheerful. Thrifty. Brave. Clean. Reverent.

Be Prepared!  Do a Good Turn Daily!